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Matron – Prisoner Watch

This 4 hour course is intended for non-sworn personnel responsible for assisting with the processing and monitoring of arrested persons or detainees.  Topics covered include;

  • Prisoner rights
  • Suicide prevention
  • Searches
  • Use of Force
  • Juvenile Issues
  • Documentation
  • Policy review


Emergency Vehicle Operations Course

EVOC – Part 1

This 8 hour classroom course is intended for entry level reserve intermittent officers.  Topics covered include;

  • Civil liability, legal considerations and MGL 89-7B
  • Emergency responses
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Vehicle maintenance

EVOC – Part 2

This 16 hour field course is intended to give reserve intermittent officers the fundamental skills required for safe and effective patrol vehicle operation.  The course is comprised of practical driving exercises; defensive and performance driving, evasive maneuvering, backing and controlled braking.   Course ends with a final skills assessment.

Officers must have completed EVOC part 1 and use a department issued patrol vehicle. Certificates of completion will be issued.

EVOC – Remedial

This training is designed for the officer who has been involved in crashes due to poor situational decision making.  Training will include classroom and driving skills refresher.

911 Telecommunicator In-Service