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Marijuana Training

5 Cannabis Drug Testing Mistakes to Avoid at the Workplace

The use of marijuana/cannabis/weed is rising recreationally and medicinally, leading to conflicts for employers and insurers regarding pre- and post-employment drug testing for workers, asking for workers’ compensation claims. The medical efficiency of marijuana is still unknown for several illnesses, and the product strength on the body varies depending on the method of ingestion and […]

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training at workplace

8 Benefits of Incorporating Health and Safety Training in your Workplace

Every parent or significant other prays for their loved one’s safe return. It would be disheartening for them to get a call from the hospital, citing that their family members were injured at work. Just the thought of it gives us goosebumps. This article highlights the importance of creating a safe and healthy work environment. […]

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Professional Development

10 Ways to Encourage Employees to Achieve Professional Development

Corporate professional development activities might not seem like a priority, but your employees must continue to learn and grow professionally. If your company’s professional development program is unstructured or informal, then it is time to develop a learning mission or vision. A work culture of learning assumes that each employee must build skills and knowledge, […]

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Drug-Free Workplace Training