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Drug-Free Workplace Training: 10 Ways to Create and Maintain Drug-free Workplace

Wouldn’t you like to be part of a company that believes in workplace wellness? This would make a difference in the job you love and the one you don’t love. A healthy workplace would exhibit a standard set of traits that fosters excellence, output and companionship. Employers require talented and dedicated employees in whom they can trust to do their agreed-upon work duties.

Drugs in the workplace can negatively impact employee performance, workplace safety and personal health. In this article, you will explore the significance of drug-free workplace environment and how to conduct training for the employees. Explore the essentials that are required to create drug-free workplace training programs.

Why is it essential to create and maintain a drug-free workplace program?

Establishing and maintaining a drug-free workplace begins with building supportive, encouraging and centrally posted policies and procedures. This can boost the business in attracting the ideal employees to help the organization grow without facing any issues associated with drugs in the workplace.

There are a few benefits of building a drug-free work environment:

  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduction in workers’ compensation premiums
  • Showing commitment towards employees’ well-being, performance and future with the organization
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Increase in employee motivation
  • Decrease in chances of hiring substance abusers

How can you create a drug-free workplace training program?

Employers looking to implement or establish a drug-free workplace program would require some ideas to get started. There are many steps that should be considered in ensuring that employees are not taking or utilizing drugs or alcohol, selling drugs or even tolerate the effect of using drugs or alcohol outside the workplace when off-duty.

Here are the top 10 ways to help employers enforce drug-free workplace training programs.

  1. Draft a written policy

The first step towards making a drug-free workplace program is creating a written workplace policy related to drugs. This document has an essential purpose of being the blueprint of the plan, aligning with labor laws and avoiding discriminatory practices. With a fully documented policy, it becomes easier for employers to respond to calls of biased enforcement.

  1. Train supervisors

Supervisors should be informed and also help in supporting an employer’s vision by participating in a drug-free workplace training program. Training of supervisors is necessary as it includes learning the signs of workplace drug use and the etiquettes of handling confrontation of employees suspected of drug consumption.

  1. Educate employees

Including employees in the process of enforcing a drug-free policy at work helps them understand the health and safety risks that drug consumption may impose on other employees and the organization as a whole. With the right training, awareness and education employees understand the negative financial impact on a business through a reduction in productivity and an increase in healthcare costs. To reinforce the policy with employees, consider drug-free workplace poster, inspirational videos on your employee message boards, regular newsletter articles and meetings.

  1. Perform drug tests

The possibility of undertaking a drug test can act as an obstacle for employees considering drug consumption. Workplace drug testing can help in weighing the risks versus rewards that can be achieved.

  1. Provide information for employees

Creating a drug-free policy that features sympathy and a genuine interest in helping employees struggling with drug consumption is equally as essential as forbidding drug consumption. Reach out and partner with an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that provides relevant education, counselling and any other wellness resources for employees who want to stop drug consumption. These programs allow employees to prevent and address substance abuse issues. Research has shown that investing in employees is more cost-effective than terminating an employee and looking for a new employee for the position.

  1. Offer feedback on the status of the program

Rather than calling out individuals, try sharing news related to ways that the business’s drug-free policy has helped the organization.

  1. Inform prospective employees about drug-free policies

At the time of the interview process, employers should let candidates know about the workplace drug policy.


  1. Perform pre-employment drug testing on every new hire

It is essential for new employees to understand and maintain a drug-free workplace. Employees that test ‘positive’ for drugs should be immediately repealed, no matter how qualified or skilful and no matter how needful you are to fill the position.

  1. Conduct a random drug test

Perform random testing at least once weekly, monthly or quarterly (depending on the number of employees). According to industry experts, on-going random testing is the most effective way of identifying workplace drug-abuse and to maintain a stable drug-free workplace which can be possible with drug-free workplace trainings. It is crucial to test randomly and consistently throughout the year.

  1. Test an employee for “reasonable suspicion”

If any employee exihibits signs of drug abuse that affects their work performance, behaviour or shows physical indicators. Stephen May Sr. offers excellent training that guides your managers to identify drug-use in your workplace effectively and how to legally and adequately address the issue.

IJust one person consuming alcohol or drugs at work can affect everyone. Proper training really gets into the costs and risks associated with drug use and consumption in the workplace. With better knowledge, employees will make better choices and you will have a fewer drug and alcohol-related issues in your workplace.

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